Terms & Conditions


  1. SCANDPARK takes responsible care of your car and keys while parked at our facility, but not goods of any kind left, forgotten or attached to the car or the keys.
  2. The owner must have a valid insurance and leave the required documents in the car. If failed to provide valid documents, the owner will be held responsible and financially obliged to pay any fines and/or any additional costs that SCANDPARK may experience.
  3. SCANDPARK takes no responsibility for unforeseeable breakdowns due to flat tire, engine failure, electrical or mechanical failure or damage.
  4. The owner gives SCANDPARK permission to drive the car within and between our installations and the pick-up/drop-of location.
  5. There will be no refund if the car is collected before the reservation date, in that case the company can only give a voucher.
  6. No shows on the same day will apply a fee of 35€. Cancellations have to be made by email to info@scandpark.eu at least 24 hours before collection of the car and our company has to send a confirmation.
  7. SCANDPARK has 24 hours service only by bookings confirmed by email/Whatsapp. If you arrive to collect your car without confirmation, SCANDPARK has the right to decline delivery. A fee off 50€ is added to the total price if the car is delivered despite the above criteria not being met.
  8. SCANDPARK is held responsible for any damages caused to the vehicle by our staff members. We will repair the vehicle at the automobile repair shop of our choice.
  9. Any complaint have to be made after visual inspection at pick-up day, prior to the vehicle leave our care and our field of responsibility.
  10. SCANDPARK is not bound to return the vehicle if there are any outstanding amounts owed. The vehicle can be picked up as soon as the debt is paid.
  11. You are obligated to allow for sufficient journey time to arrive at the meeting point at least 30 minutes prior to the latest check-in time given to you by your airline or travel agent. SCANDPARK cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any additional cost or issues caused by a missed flight.
  12. Please point out to our staff if any extra instructions is needed to drive your vehicle, features such as disabled driver controls, key codes, immobilizers. SCANDPARK will not be liable for damage resulting from our staffs lack of familiarity with them.
  13. SCANDPARK does not take any responsibility for any unforeseen events outside our field of responsibility, i.e natural disasters, terrorism or criminal activity.
  14. Vehicles left and abandoned over 18 month, SCANDPARK owns the right to sell the car to receive the outstanding amount due.
  15. For the purposes of safety to persons, property, as well as logistical reasons, we need access to all the necessary keys to start and relocate the vehicle within our facilities. If the client do not comply with these requirements, SCANDPARK owns the right to refuse the client to purchase any services offered and provided by SCANDPARK.

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When your flight arrives you will be informed via Whatsapp or SMS about the location of your car at the airport parking.

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