Terms & Conditions


  1. All types of video recordings, audio recordings, and still images of our employees or workspace during the handling of your vehicle are strictly prohibited. This includes both pre-installed and after-market cameras. In case of violation of this clause, SCANDPARK reserves the right to terminate the agreement immediately without refund. This measure is being taken to ensure and protect the privacy of both our customers and our personnel.
  2. SCANDPARK is responsible for the Customer’s car and the corresponding car key while the car is parked on the Company’s premises. The Customer is advised to provide only the car key, as the Company assumes no responsibility for any other keys.
  3. The Customer guarantees that the vehicle has valid insurance, inspection, and contains all necessary documents. Failure to comply will result in the Customer being financially responsible for any fines and other fees that may arise.
  4. SCANDPARK is not responsible for unforeseeable electrical or mechanical failures to the Customer’s vehicle or damage caused by the sun or other weather conditions.
  5. The Customer grants the Company permission to drive the car between the Company’s facilities and the agreed upon drop-off and pick-up location.
  6. SCANDPARK does not make any refunds if a parking agreement is terminated early at the Customer’s request.
  7. Bookings are made through the Company’s website (Scandpark.eu) or booking application at least 12 hours before the Customer’s vehicle is dropped off. Pick-up bookings need to be booked and confirmed a minimum of 24 hours before arrival.
  8. SCANDPARK provides 24/7 service only for confirmed bookings. The Company reserves the right to refuse unannounced and unconfirmed drop-off/pick-ups and late bookings. A delivery fee of €100 will be charged if a vehicle is delivered despite the above criteria not being met.
  9. SCANDPARK is responsible for any damage to the Customer’s vehicle caused by its personnel and repaired at the Company’s discretion.
  10. Any complaints must be made after a visual inspection before the vehicle leaves the airport parking lot.
  11. SCANDPARK has the right to refuse delivery of the vehicle in the event of unpaid debts. The vehicle can be retrieved as soon as the debt is settled.
  12. SCANDPARK has the right to sell a vehicle that has been abandoned for more than 18 months to obtain the outstanding amount.
  13. SCANDPARK delivers the Customer’s vehicle to the airport parking lot no earlier than two hours before arrival. In the event of a night-time arrival, the vehicles will be parked no earlier than 8 p.m. If delivery is made earlier, the Customer is entitled to financial compensation for the extra cost of the parking ticket.
  14. Vehicles are collected from the airport parking lot by SCANDPARK no later than 24 hours after drop-off.
  15. SCANDPARK is not responsible for unforeseeable events beyond our control, such as natural disasters, terrorism, or other criminal activities.
  16. Drop-off and pick-up locations are exclusively at the parking garage at Malaga airport (P1 Long-term parking). If the car is parked in “Parking Express” or elsewhere, the ticket cost will be borne by the customer (maximum €63). Additionally, a fee of €35 will be charged unless another arrangement has been agreed upon.
  17. When booking pickup services during holidays, including on the dates of 1/1, 24/12, 25/12, and 31/12, vehicles may be parked earlier than usual. In such instances, an additional parking ticket cost of up to 23€ may be incurred.